Cooking Outdoors This Summer

outdoor cooking

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to get prepping for barbecues and family gatherings in the garden.

If your barbecue is looking a bit sad, there are more options than ever for al-fresco cookery. From the trusty gas or charcoal grill to wood fired pizza ovens, the outdoor kitchen is on the rise.

Here’s some of our top picks for cooking outdoors this summer:

BBQs and Grills

When it comes to barbecues and grills, you’ve got a few options: charcoal, gas or pellet. Each has its pros, consider them carefully to find the perfect one for you.


weber original kettle

Let’s start with the trusty charcoal barbecue. If you’re on a budget and just want something that adds a delicious smoky flavour, this is the perfect option for you.

Take a look at the Weber Original Kettle barbecue. Recognised around the world, the iconic Original Kettle is loved by barbecue heroes everywhere. This barbecue has updated features such as a One-Touch Cleaning System and integrated tool hooks to provide easy access to barbecuing tools.


weber q2000

Moving onto gas barbecues, many will argue that when it comes to cooking outdoors, you can’t beat them. Choosing a gas barbecue requires a little more investment but means you can enjoy your role as an outdoor chef without the stress of lighting charcoal. They’re easier to light and get to proper temperature, allowing for fast and easy cooking.

One of our favourite gas barbecues is the Weber Q2000 Gas Grill. By your side through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this option has everything you need and expect from a gas barbecue in a compact design that folds down for easy storage.


traeger pro 780

Finally, pellet grills. Although the most expensive option, pellet grills are easy to use and clean, offer precise temperature control and delicious wood smoked flavour.

The Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill makes it simple to achieve incredible wood-fired flavour. It’s Set-It & Forget-It® ease, precise temperature control and WiFIRE® technology that lets you monitor and control your grill from anywhere using the Traeger App means you can create some unforgettable meals.

Whatever your needs and budget, we’ve got a barbecue for you here at Summerseat Garden Centre.

Pizza Ovens

outdoor cooking - ooni

For something a little bit different to really impress your guests, why not go for an Ooni pizza oven?

Choose from 3 options:

  • Ooni Karu 12 Mutli-Fuel Pizza Oven
  • Ooni Frya 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven 
  • Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven 

Each one is simple to use, portable and cooks authentic, stone-baked pizza in as little as 60 seconds!

Our Butchers

For the perfect cuts of meat and to create delicious meals for all the family don’t forget to visit our butchers. Our meats are traceable from field to fork allowing us to select the highest standards possible.

Cooking outdoors is one of the many joys of summer. There’s nothing better than warm temperatures, fresh air, great food and spending quality time together.

For all your outdoor cooking needs, plus to browse our range of garden furniture perfect for dining, visit Summerseat Garden Centre or view our Outdoor Living Brochure here.