Don’t Let Your Plants Get Parched!

Gardening Tips for this Summer

Summertime is here! Rain is a rare sight, and sunshine fills our days, excellent! There is one thing missing… FLOWERS! We all want a garden that is brimming with colour, and this post will give you some top tips on creating and maintaining a perfect summer garden!

The Best Plants To Have In Your Garden:

It’s safe to say we all want a pop of colour in our garden! Vibrant reds, and statement colours are perfect for any outside area. Here’s what plants we recommend:

Bedding Plants:

With a fabulous variety of summer bedding packs available at Summerseat and our sister garden centre Bradley Fold, you can customise your own hanging baskets or make your garden beds pop this summer! Adrian Jones, Summerseat’s resident Plant Manager has a few favourites.


Selection of bedding plants

Adrian’s Favourites:

Cosmos, for a delicate splash of colour! Petunia, particularly the Queen of  Hearts Petunia, Surfinia, Alyssum, and Gazania.

Now you’ve chosen your flowers, you need to know how to maintain them and keep them looking their best!




Remember to give all your plants a good watering in the evening. Ensure to water the roots, don’t just wet the foliage! Also, dead head any dead flowers in order to allow new growth. As well as dead heading and watering, plants need feeding. We recommend using a high pot ash feed, such as Chempak No. 4, which promotes better blooms. With a water soluble formula it gets to work instantly, and comes highly commended from our staff as it works through both the roots and foliage. There are also other fertilisers that you can use such as seaweed fertilisers. Seaweed fertilisers such as Maxicrop contain a variety of useful eco-friendly plant nutrients that your plants will require.

Plant FeedAnother Seaweed fertiliser we highly recommend is Tomorite. Not only is Tomorite a perfect tomato fertiliser, it has multiple purposes, and can be used on your hanging baskets too,

Why Not Go Organic?

At Summerseat Garden Centre, we have an organic option to the synthetic fertilisers. Why not do your bit for the environment. Check them out in store today!




Another great way to add colour to your garden beds is by planting the classic Rose. Although, instead of going for the classic rose, I thought I would bring your attention to something a little different. For a unique addition why not try the ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ Rose which forms a part of the David Austin collection. We also have a fantastic selection of celebration roses. From congratulations to birthday roses, you can not only add colour to your garden, but also treat your friends and family to a beautiful gift.

rose clear spray

The bold blooms of a rose require some maintenance, although they only need feeding twice, after their first bloom, feed your roses in order to get a second bloom. Also, beware pests and diseases that could lead to the death of your beautiful rose. Aphids, Blackspot, and Mildew are all things that you should keep an eye out for.

To tackle these issues you should spray your plant with a product such as Rose Clear. If you don’t tackle these problem, Aphids, Mildew, and Black spot will develop further causing it to defoliate and eventually die. However, remember to spray your plant either early in the morning, or late at night, as this is when bees are less active.



We hope these tips allow you to build a bold, bright and beautiful garden. Please feel free to visit us in store, meet our friendly knowledgeable staff, who will help you create the perfect summer garden.

Assorted flowers